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Customer Reviews

Moved here 3 yrs. Ago. Didn't have a mechanic so my sister sent me to Randy. They have been great. They do great work try to help you and get it done as soon as they can. But the one thing that is most important is that they are honest!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't try to make money off you for things that are not needed. Auto repair is never cheap but Bolen's try to keep the price down and within reason. They don't jack up their prices. They treat you like a very close and good friend not just another customer. So if you are looking for honest work at prices that don't need a bank loan to pay go to see Randy at Bolen's.
Janice Baskin
Great Automotive Shop! All the mechanics are very experienced and trust worthy. They don't just jump to the most expensive option, but instead suggest the best option based on the cost and condition of your car. I recently had some issues with my car and took it to another place for an estimate that was just very convenient to my work location. They jumped straight to suggesting some very intensive and expense work on my car of over 220K miles. So obviously I threw the convenience out the window and went out of my way to take my car to Bolen's Automotive. They did a through review and told me it appeared that it might just be an issue with an old squashed hose into the engine. They made that very inexpensive hose change and said watch it for the next week and that if did not get better, that would then evaluate the very expensive options to my car issue. Just go in and ask for Randy or Trey, they will take good care of you.
Matt Eaton
Randy and his team have went so far out of their way to help me deal with another auto shop that caused a lot of damage to my car. They have made countless phone calls and randy has given me the best advice, on top of the fact that the repairs that they made to fix the other shops mistakes were flawless. This is literally the most professional, helpful shop you could ever take your car to. I will be recommending this shop to everyone I know, it's the least I can do for every thing they've done for me!
Randee Heitzmann
I went to get an inspection and the guy there was super cool and easygoing I recommend this place for inspections any day!!
Robert Villa
This is a great mechanic shop they are very knowledgable & have earned my trust & business for life. The put a new motor in my old truck and about 3 months later a couple of bolts worked loose from the housing I was in Alvarado at the time. They had it towed to there shop & repaired it without charging me a penny. I have since referred my mother and my brother there and they love it as well.
Ken Kendall
They won't repair a car here unless it's done correctly. I mean they are the best. Period. The waiting room for customers has a tribute to Indy racing on exhibit. If you are an Indy fan this is a must see. It's like a miniature museum.
J.Scott Moose
The owners of this auto shop are really nice people! Most importantly they are honest and that can be a hard thing to find in the automotive service industry. You can't go wrong bringing your vehicle here for service.
Jared Plamondon
The Bolen family are fine sweet Christians. I took my car there for an inspection & it failed because of the engine light being on. Randy told me of the AirCheck Texas program that helps retired or out of work poor people pay for repairs. NOONE had ever told me of any programs that would help me. Everyone else just cared about getting all the money they could out of me! One of the mechanics took me home & another one picked me up the next day. They reinspected my car & the light went off. They replaced an ignition coil & fuel pressure sensor that could have cost me $592! The mechanics were all friendly polite & courtous to me, a 66 yr woman! They did a great job! Now, my car, seriously, drives like a new car even though it is 11 yrs old! I reccommend you taking your car here if you need any work done on it! The Bolens were very considerate & caring. They even faxed the papers to AirCheck for me. They really care about their customers & the mechanics are highly qualified technicians!
Martha Wilson
I am an "Old" man and my car over heated yesterday. Randy Bolen helped me and when I asked for a bill, he said "No charge". I was lucky to be close to his business when my problem happened.
Ricker Chisholm
Excellent place. They know how to take care of their customers! They are vary honest and fair when it comes to pricing and do not try to up sell you nor sell you things you do not need. I brought my vehicle here to get it fixed and was given an estimate and the final cost came in under the estimate. Plus after they fixed my car it drove exactly the same if not better than when we originally bought it!
Kat W. - Fort Worth, TX
What a great and reliable automotive shop at the right price. Fast service from good people.
Jim S. - Aledo, TX

This is a great shop they have earned my trust and my business for life. There prices might be just a little higher than other places but they stand behind there work. I had them install a brand new engine in my old truck and about 3 months later the bolts came loose from the housing. I was down in Alvarado they had it towed from there to there shop & repaired it and didn't charge me a penny. I have referred my mother & my brother there & they both love it as well.

Ken K. - Fort Worth, TX